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About The Firm:

“It is not the name on the door that makes a company successful, but rather the people behind the door.”


Universal Pump & Controls is a professional sales and consulting firm with 70 years combined experience in the industry of moving water. 

Key projects and clients come from the municipal, industrial, power generation, marine, and agricultural arena’s. Many of our clients have been with the firm since its conception in 1999.  This proves that the company offers and follows through with dedicated and professional service no matter what the project may entail.

 The company has kept up with and is on the cutting edge of technology with new and innovative products for the computerized monitoring and reporting of sand production in water wells and in the automated lubrication control of oil lubricated vertical turbine deep well pumps.

 Representing only the finest in manufacturers, we are proud to say that we are as loyal to our suppliers as our clients are to us.  It is our policy to only supply the best in equipment to our clients, for their satisfaction is paramount and is the key to our success.

 We are proud of our history and excited about our future.  Our greatest asset is the many years of experience that we use everyday to serve every client and to mentor those that shall take our place one day. For those that will fill our shoes, must be the best, because our clients and our firm will settle for nothing less.


We look forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied clients.


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